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(1) I am no longer listing contests for sites that sell products or services to writers.

(2) If the email address you supply is not valid, your contest will not be added to the chart.

(3) To request addition of a contest, complete all *required* fields below and SUBMIT. (However, if your contest is listed on my Contests Passed page, you can use my regular Contact Form to send me the contest URL and let me know what has changed from the previous listing.)

(4) For your contest to be included on my chart, there must be a winner announcement date (even if approximate).

(5) For weekly or monthly contests: I list a maximum of 4 dates, approximately 3 months apart.

(6) If you have additional comments or a complaint about a particular contest, please enter that into the optional Message field or drop me a line using my Contact form.

Thank you for submitting and Good Luck with your contest!

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