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Rules of Lying cover

Rules of Lying (Jane Dough Series Book One) 

1st Place Winner of the Chanticleer Book Reviews Mystery & Mayhem Awards, Humorous Category!! 

Lies, lies, too many lies … Jane Dough washes her hands of her wacky family’s deceptive ways. But when a disastrous situation with her homeowners’ association threatens Jane’s newfound security, and her family pumps up the pressure for her to sell her home, Jane reverts to family misbehavior. She blurts out a lie that she’s advertising for a husband to help her out of her jam. It’s just one little lie to get everyone off her back, so no harm done, right?

Wrong! Someone runs a Husband Wanted ad in Jane’s name, and now she’s stuck with the consequences of her lie, even though she has no intention of getting married. Meanwhile, there’s that little business of losing her property if she doesn’t bring it into conformance before the deadline, and with every step forward, she takes two back. And one is a misstep that leads her smack into the middle of a murder  … read more >>

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Rules of Dreaming (Jane Dough Series Book Two)

I’ll post the cover and description of Rules of Dreaming as soon as I have it. In the meantime, I can tell you that the mystery plot has to do with a sleep/dream study research institute Jane becomes mixed up with through a woman who wants Jane’s help finding a husband, and Jane’s personal growth has to do with learning to “dream big” for herself and to expect good things to happen for her. Jane has a problem in this area of faith in the universe, stemming (of course!) from her mother. And some embarrassing things happen when Jane tries to effect this change in her life. If you want to be notified when this book is available, just join my mailing list!

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