Historical Romance

Duke of Deception (Wentworth Trilogy Book One)

Winner of:
Virginia Romance Writers Holt Medallion Award of Merit
Gulf Coast Romance Writers Silken Sands STAR Award
Heartland Romance Authors Show Me The Spark Award
Voted one of the Top 10 Historical Romances for 2013
by readers in the RomCon Readers’ Crown contest

A desperate young woman … Lady Louisa Barrick will do anything to save her estate and the village that depends on it, but when she tries to use a rakish privateer in her scheme, things don’t turn out as planned.

A duke masquerading as a privateer … Jonathan Derek Wentworth has a scheme of his own: to track down the ton-based smuggling gang responsible for his father’s death. When he’s caught in a compromising situation with Lady Louisa, he decides it’s better to marry her than to risk being ostracized by the London society whose invitations are vital to his plan. But Louisa refuses to marry him, unless he meets her terms, one of which is a month-long reprieve from consummation … read more >>

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The Duke’s Decree (Wentworth Trilogy Book Two)

Anthony Wentworth was groomed to be the duke since the day his older brother abandoned England for America. He even has a written decree from his father disowning the older son. But no one, especially his older brother Derek, seems to care. It’s bad enough that Anthony must sit by and watch Derek take control of the dukedom, but what’s worse is knowing Derek might have been right when he said Anthony hadn’t the experience or the kknowledge to manage their affairs. So when his stepfather gives him a valuable brooch and the name of a man who will pay a fortune for it, Anthony decides to sell the brooch and use the money to build a fortune of his own. Neither Anthony nor his stepfather knows that the brooch is a priceless heirloom and one-half of a key that some men are willing to kill for.

“Your fortune lies in Browley. Danger is all around.” Those were her mother’s last words, spoken as she pressed an odd-looking key into Clara Campbell’s hand. Promising her mother that she will seek out a Mr. Osborne, Clara goes to Browley, only to find Mr. Osborne gone, and dangerous men awaiting his return. Now another man has come looking—this one a gentleman, too charming to be trusted and too smart to be ignored. For it doesn’t take Lord Anthony long to figure out that Browley is no ordinary town, and Clara no ordinary barmaid.

Now the race is on between Clara and Anthony to see who can solve the puzzle first, and neither is above seducing the other to secure the fortune. But when Clara is kidnapped, along with her key, he must decide if a man’s fortune lies in material goods or that which is in his heart. Click here for an excerpt >>

The Duke’s Daughter (Wentworth Trilogy Book Three)

Tessa Wentworth is nearly on the shelf, thanks to her brother Derek delaying her introduction to society, and now Derek thinks he can tell her which gentlemen she may wed. She’s not ready for a husband—she’s never even been kissed—and if Derek thinks he can control Tessa, he doesn’t know her at all …

Having recently inherited his title, Brandon Kendrick, Marquess of Stambridge, knows he must end his duty as spy for the Crown and take up his duties to his title, including marriage and begetting his heirs. Unfortunately, he’s received one last order:  to thwart a kidnapping plot involving the sister of a powerful duke. The young lady in question is not making his job easy; she puts herself in risky situations with charming rogues, one of whom is her would-be abductor. Though Brandon saves Tessa from the kidnapper, he’s forced to flee with her, planning to return her safely to her family. But if Brandon thinks his problems are almost over, he doesn’t know Tessa at all …

For Brandon seems exactly the type of rake that Tessa’s brother will abhor, and Tessa is determined to seduce the man and refuse to marry him. And while Brandon is trying to protect Tessa from criminals who seek to use her in a plot of revenge, he now finds himself in the odd position of protecting himself from a young lady who is exactly the type of woman he would love to bed—and wed.

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